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Numbers game Unemployment

| January 15, 2003

A pilot scheme in London is using alternative therapies to support the children of parents recovering from drug and alcohol addiction

Cyberkids: children in the information age

FOOTBALL: Football reaches out

| January 15, 2003

Football is pouring a great deal of money and effort into club-based youth and community schemes. Steve Barrett looks at how young people can benefit

Youth service leaders have welcomed a Government report that may improve local authority youth work provision in England.

Young disabled people at mainstream schools lack encouragement to further their education, a Disability Rights Commission report (DRC) reveals.

Drive to recruit social workers

| January 08, 2003

Scotlands local authorities are looking at introducing golden hello packages for social workers in a bid to tackle youth crime.

Communities of Youth: Cultural practice and informal learning

Project notes

| January 07, 2003

What is it: Artreach, a programme by youth advice centre B76, run by Barnardos in Hartlepool.

Numbers game: suicide

| January 07, 2003

A striking difference between suicide rates of young men and young women has emerged over the past 25 years.

Carrot & stick

| January 07, 2003

The new minister for young people is promising to provide significant extra resources for the youth service. But there is no such thing as money for nothing, as Ivan Lewis makes clear in an exclusive interview

Celebration of achievement

| January 07, 2003

Murdered schoolteacher Philip Lawrence helped children realise their potential. The latest ceremony for the awards set up in his name rewarded good citizenship from young people in the UK.