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Youth work support at London hospital accident and emergency (A&E) units has been earmarked for a share of a £20m cash injection from council tax rises.

The new edition of CYP Now includes a special report on latest initiatives for all professionals to safeguard young people online.

Child gang activity should be made a national safeguarding priority to help councils face up the scale of the problem, the children's commissioner for England has warned.

A fostering charity is urging providers to sign up to a new charter to improve services for foster carers and the children and young people they care for.

The Education Policy Institute examine the demographics and qualifications of the early years workforce, how these have changed over time, and how they compare with other sectors.

Court Report: Spent convictions blight young people's employment prospects

By Coram Children's Legal Centre

| February 26, 2019

This case involved four respondents who had all been convicted or received cautions or reprimands in respect of comparatively minor offending.

Special Report: E-Safety

| February 26, 2019

The digital world has become an integral part of young people's lives, but amid growing concerns of being exposed to harm, Derren Hayes looks at e-safety projects that work to keep children safe online.

E-Safety: Live Streaming, Vlogging and Parenting Report

By Internet Matters

| February 26, 2019

In addition to typical online safety concerns, parents are beginning to be concerned about newer emerging challenges for their children associated with livestreaming and vlogging.

Whistleblower who alerted authorities to abuse at Medway secure training centre says the review into the case shows there needs to be major changes to how staff work with young people before the issues will be resolved.

E-Safety: Age Verification and Online Pornography

By Internet Matters

| February 26, 2019

Internet Matters commissioned this research to better understand parental views around online pornography in light of the forthcoming introduction of age verification on commercial pornography websites.

Audit Office report highlights the recent growth in demand and spending on children's services, and the lack of understanding on what is driving this. Andrew Rome says councils and providers can work together to solve it.

Funding for children's services in England has fallen by a third in the past eight years, research by a group of leading charities has found.

The chief inspector of prisons' most recent annual report paints a worrying picture of relationships between young people in custody and officers.

Project confronts online sexual harassment

By Joanne Horne

| February 26, 2019

Project tackles barriers to reporting by using educational resources created by young people.

E-Safety: Vulnerable Children in a Digital World

By Internet Matters

| February 26, 2019

For many vulnerable children, the digital environment can be a great equaliser, but safe online use is a basic life skill that a sizeable minority of teenagers simply do not have.

E-Safety: Screen Time

By Internet Matters

| February 26, 2019

Although the phrase "screen time" is not typically part of parents' vocabulary, the description of screen time is something parents deal with daily. Parents are exploring the benefits of screen time while mitigating the risks and managing their own behaviour to be role models for their children.

E-Safety: Policy context

| February 26, 2019

Results of a survey of 2,000 young people released on Safer Internet Day found two-thirds of eight to 17-year-olds would feel "disconnected" from the world if they couldn't be online. The finding highlight the integral part played by the internet in children and young people's lives today.

Five steps to keep social workers safe

By Carolyn Ewart

| February 26, 2019

Social workers support people in challenging circumstances, but being subject to abuse and violence is never acceptable, so it is important that employers and staff take steps to ensure practitioners' safety.

It was Mark Twain who popularised the quote, "there are three types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics!".

Health visiting provision should be increased as part of an "early years revolution" to ensure disadvantaged young children can get the best start in life, say MPs.