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On Monday 20 August, more than 20 young people spent the day at the National Children's Bureau to participate in a workshop designed to assess and improve the role children play within the organisation.

Following on from this year's Playday campaign (1 August), which highlighted barriers to children playing in the streets where they live, Play England and the National Children's Bureau have launched the Places to Go: Promoting Better Mobility,...

This programme, run by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, combines five former funding streams, including Sure Start cash for the voluntary and community sector.

During September, the Participation Works Network for England is running a campaign to celebrate and share its successes since its launch in 2003.

The Conservative Party released a policy document on cutting crime last week.

Exams always seem to drag on when you have finished the paper, but if you still have several pages to go, time seems to get faster.

Opinion: Quotes of the week

| September 04, 2007

"I'm staggered that so few teenagers make the link between getting enough good sleep and how they feel in the day" - Dr Chris Idzikowski, director of The Edinburgh Sleep Centre

The number of cohabiting couples is on the rise and debate continues on laws to protect their finances on separation.

Many religions organise retreats and other youth activities over the summer months and some run groups for young people throughout the year, but approaches to faith-based youth work vary across the UK.

What it is: The Rank Foundation is a charitable trust with a special interest in developing leadership among young people.