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When Bill Oddie tires of birdwatching perhaps he'll turn his attention to that most fascinating of creatures: the yob, commonly found in local newspapers during the summer months.

What's Changed is a tool for groups to record the outcomes of participation by young people.

A timely new publication from The National Youth Agency explores the practice of youth work and seeks to observe and explain how youth workers apply their skills.

The National Youth Agency is organising nine regional events on Aiming high for young people: a ten year strategy for positive activities.

In Practice: Frontline

| September 04, 2007

Voluntary sector success - Suzanne Murray children's centre consortium co-ordinator.

The government's commitments to reduce child poverty by half by 2010 and end it by 2020 are ambitious and commendable.

In Practice: Ask the experts

| September 04, 2007

We want to involve museums more in our study support activities. Do you have any ideas?

The War for Children's Minds. By Stephen Law. Published by Routledge.

The second of Windsor's children's centres is on its way after renovation work began during the holidays.