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Youth zone operator OnSide secured funding to put 170 of its young members through a six-week employment course and help link them up with apprenticeship opportunities at local employers.

Skills for the Job: Effective time management

By Amy Norris

| February 03, 2015

Good time management in children's services is essential for busy children's professionals to maximise their effectiveness.

Nisai Learning Hub, Nottingham - independent school - inspected November 2014.

Ask the Experts: Providing support for care leavers

By Jeanie Lynch, Tracie Trimmer-Platman, Peter Lewis and June O'Sullivan

| January 20, 2015

Our panel offers advice on care leavers' support, promoting positive social action, nursery transitions and performance management.

Youth organisations, a publisher and toolmaker joined forces to run a car mechanics programme for a group of young people that had previously struggled in education.

Skills for the Job: Managing workplace stress

By Emma Mamo

| January 20, 2015

Employers must be aware of how stress can negatively affect the wellbeing of their staff, and the steps they can take to manage it.

Ask the Experts: Stand up for young people's rights

By Jeanie Lynch, Tracie Trimmer-Platman, Peter Lewis and June O'Sullivan

| January 06, 2015

Our panel offers advice on helping young people accused of theft, CSE prevention, improving resilience and clearing nursery clutter.

Foster Care Link, London and Manchester - independent fostering agency inspection - October 2014.

Skills for the Job: Helping children affected by poverty

By Maureen Nuttall

| January 06, 2015

With poverty on the increase in the UK, the number of children and families needing help and support from professionals is growing.

Up to 50 jobless young people are to be recruited by Merseyside Youth Association to help rebuild dilapidated homes in a run-down part of Liverpool, learning new skills in the process, thanks to funding secured from the government's Empty Homes...