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Early help strategy cuts across all services for children and young people in the county.

Early support for teenagers struggling in education

By Nina Jacobs

| August 27, 2019

Future Talent delivers early support for young people struggling in education.

Auditory Verbal therapy helps children with hearing loss develop their listerning and spoken language skills, enabling them to better grasp early opportunities.

Peacemakers is a global concept and movement which advocates for peace - both from conflict and injustice.

East London council has made great strides in support for vulnerable children despite recording high levels of deprivation.

Volunteering charity is supporting more than 500 young people with learning disabilities or autism to learn about sexual education and lead awareness-raising activities.

Charity supports local young people recruited to sell drugs by county lines gangs

Mediation helps Bengali young people leave gangs behind

By Danielle Aumord

| July 30, 2019

Works with vulnerable young people in predominantly Bengali community.

Uses core values of rugby to engage vulnerable and high-risk young people.

Pilot schools are small education settings that specialise in developing a personalised approach to learning.