“Bradford applied social studies course: lessons from the class of ′78”

By The Class of '78

| 19 March 2019

In 1978, graduates from the University of Bradford applied social studies course set out on their careers. They went on to be leaders in children's services, inspectorates, NHS services and in developing international welfare systems. Class of '78 alumni reflect on how their training prepared them for social work practice and whether what they learned is still relevant today.


  • Applied social studies was a four-year degree course
  • It combined theoretical teaching on social sciences with practical social work training
  • At the time it was seen as one of the most prestigious combined social work courses in the UK
  • There were 22 students who graduated from the course in 1978
  • There is still an undergraduate social work degree course at the university

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Mary Beek

David Behan

Rosie Benaim

Anne Cherry

Stephen Collins - lecturer view

Shirley Cramer

Dave Ely

Jeff Hearn - lecturer view

Gabrielle Jerome

Debbie Olley

Alison O'Sullivan

Wendy Parkin

Philip Sands

Francis Woodward

  • With thanks to Alison O'Sullivan for co-ordinating and compiling the 
individual contributions