NYA Update: Improve young people's services through peer review and development

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The National Youth Agency, as part of its Routes to Success programme of work with the Local Government Association, is offering a small number of authorities the chance to engage with its peer review and development programme.

Over the past year, the National Youth Agency, following feedback from councils, has worked with four authorities to develop a peer-to-peer quality assurance framework to meet the needs of the youth work sector and reflect the complexities of the emerging structure and changing landscape.

The peer review and development framework was launched in June 2012 and provides detailed guidance on how to develop and maintain a peer challenge relationship between councils, informed by young people’s active participation.

This year, the National Youth Agency aims to work with a further six local authorities to provide free consultancy in the form of professional guidance, facilitation, and engagement in training and supporting staff through the peer review and development process.

Applications are welcomed from councils that either have or have not identified a partner authority and will be accepted until 31 August.

Peer challenge and support are one of the main ways that the Local Government Association promotes improvement in councils.

Diane Evans, national programme manager at the National Youth Agency, comments: “Last year Cumbria, North East Lincolnshire, Liverpool and Bolton worked with us to support the development of the peer review and development framework. Their pilots reaped insightful rewards for all concerned and we are delighted to see these relationships continue. We would now like to open up our peer review and development programme to help other councils in developing specific aspects of their young people’s services.”

For further information and to download the framework visit:

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