Quiz of the year 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Have you been keeping up with the key developments in the children and young people's sector? Try our 2009 quiz to find out.

1 - Who described Ed Balls as a "bully" on the Today programme?

A. Michael Gove

B. Sharon Shoesmith

C. Barry Sheerman

2 - What historic event happened on 30 October?

A. Immigration staff took on the duty to consider and promote the welfare of children

B. The UK Youth Parliament debated in the House of Commons chamber

C. Rights groups celebrated the 20th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

3 - The Local Government Association appointed a new chair to its children and young people board. Her first name is Shireen, but which celebrity is she stepmother to?

A. Actor Shane Richie

B. Film director Guy Ritchie

C. Singer Lionel Richie

4 - Who was controversially named as the next children's commissioner for England in October?

A. Maggie Atkinson

B. Dame Mary Marsh

C. Esther Rantzen

5 - How did the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health at NHS Sheffield outrage Christian groups?

A. It published the booklet Pleasure, which encouraged teenagers to talk frankly about sex and masturbation

B. It launched a web messaging service called Sex Talk, which encouraged teenagers to talk frankly about sex and masturbation

C. It held a rally in support of the marriage of two gay vicars at Saint Bartholomew's Church in central London

6 - After fierce protests from children's services directors, Ofsted dropped "serious concerns" as a term from its no-notice safeguarding inspections and replaced it with what?

A. Areas of priority action

B. Areas of principal action

C. Areas of urgent action

7 - In July, who were among a group of children's authors that said they would stop visiting schools if they are made subject to new vetting procedures?

A. JK Rowling, Jacqueline Wilson and Mal Peet

B. Quentin Blake, Anne Fine and Philip Pullman

C. Raymond Briggs, Louise Rennison and Andy Stanton

8 - The House of Lords passed a landmark judgment on which local authority's children's services department over its duty to house a homeless young person?

A. Camden

B. Lambeth

C. Southwark

9 - Which organisation complained in June about the way it was depicted in a Phones4u advert?

A. St John Ambulance

B. The Scout Association

C. Woodcraft Folk

10 - Which former Cabinet minister called for Connexions to be stripped of responsibility for delivering careers advice to young people?

A. Clare Short

B. Alan Milburn

C. Charles Clarke

11 - In June, Beverley Hughes resigned as children's minister after four years in post for family reasons. But where was she born?

A. India

B. Kenya

C. Venezuela

12 - Which newspaper agony aunt was appointed to the Social Work Taskforce in January?

A. Miriam Stoppard

B. Deidre Sanders

C. Claire Rayner

13 - Which charity published a report in September claiming the UK could save £486bn by shifting investment in children and young people to more preventative work?

A. Action for Children

B. Barnardo's

C. The Children's Society

14 - Which of these British actors was NOT involved in a government ad campaign to recruit more social workers?

A. Helen Baxendale

B. Samantha Morton

C. Sadie Frost

15 - In his party conference leadership speech, David Cameron said which politician would have responsibility in a Tory government for "bringing together all our work to help mend the broken society"?

A. Tim Loughton

B. David Willetts

C. Iain Duncan Smith

16 - Who said: "The challenge seems to be how to turn gang members into team members"?

A. Prince William

B. Prince Charles

C. The Duke of Edinburgh

17 - A Steiner school in which London borough was first to be granted exemption from parts of the Early Years Foundation Stage?

A. Barnet

B. Richmond

C. Haringey

18 - Who said: "Things can deteriorate quickly and as a national organisation you must stay on top of it"?

A. Christine Gilbert, chief inspector of Ofsted

B. Anthony Douglas, chief executive of Cafcass

C. Ian Green, chief executive, YMCA England

19 - The first Myplace-funded youth centre opened in which city in October?

A. Cardiff

B. Norwich

C. Leicester

20 - Who said: "This country is fantastically good at giving out parking fines and fantastically bad at looking after its youth"?

A. Jeremy Clarkson

B. Stephen Fry

C. Goldie


Give yourself a point for each correct answer:

7 points and below - BOTTOM OF THE CLASS: you've obviously not been doing your homework

8-12 points - MUST DO BETTER: not bad but closer reading is required

13-17 points - HIGH ACHIEVER: you've kept up well with the big events but there's still room for improvement

18-20 points - CHILDREN'S CHAMPION: you're clearly an expert in all things related to children and young people. But perhaps you need to get out more


1 C; 2 B; 3 B; 4 A; 5 A; 6 A; 7 B; 8 C; 9 B; 10 B; 11 C; 12 B; 13 A; 14 A; 15 C; 16 A; 17 C; 18 B; 19 B; 20 C

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