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Leaving Care

In Depth

Sharing the experience of care

Campaigners hope a conference for care-experienced people will help improve care policy and practice.

Better support for care leavers

Councils must focus more on their corporate parenting role for care leavers in 2019, says DfE expert.

Ensuring care leaver provisions deliver

Leaving care adviser Mark Riddell explains how local authorities can strengthen their local offers by engaging with key partner agencies.

Staying Put: solutions to the fall

Experts explain how to reverse the decline in the number of fostered children in Staying Put places.

Special Report: Commissioning Care

Commissioners play a pivotal role in ensuring vulnerable children receive the care they need. However, demand and funding pressures are driving the development of new systems and changes in practice.

Driving change for care leavers: Mark Riddell, national implementation adviser for care leavers

Derren Hayes meets the social worker driving reforms for care leavers.

How to improve care, by those who have lived it

Those who have been in care are uniquely placed to identify how well services for looked-after children are working. Here five care leavers share their experiences and set out what needs to change.

Legal Update: Care leavers and the 'local offer'

Stewart MacLachlan, legal & policy officer at Coram Children's Legal Centre, looks at recent changes in leaving care support, including the introduction of the "local offer" and support for young migrants.

Inspections: Leaving care services

The standard of support for care leavers is cause for concern for Ofsted, with high proportions of young people struggling in the transition to independent living after leaving council care.

How to protect care leavers and looked-after children after Brexit

The UK government has set out proposals for those who currently have European Union rights to live, work and study in the UK to be able to apply for a form of settled status on or after withdrawal from the EU.

Your guide to the Children and Social Work Act

What the act means for everyday practice across the children's workforce.

Enduring ties

The government is reviewing the role of personal advisers in supporting care leavers' transition to adulthood after its Keep on Caring strategy gave councils new duties. Charlotte Goddard investigates.

Innovation in care leaver support

Janet Rich explains how the New Belongings project has improved care leaving services.

Improving care leaver housing

Councils are warned to plan further ahead to avoid placing care leavers in unsuitable accommodation.

Raising ambitions for care leavers

Care leavers are more likely to struggle to access education, employment and training opportunities. Joe Lepper looks at the challenges and highlights areas helping young people to achieve their goals.

Good Practice

Salford City Council measures impact by social value

Support for vulnerable young people measured on its social value.

Scheme emphasises early planning for leaving care

Long-term care planning starts before young people turn 16.

Specialist employment support for London care leavers

Charity builds the confidence and personal skills of care leavers to get them work ready.

How young people learn independent living

Programme prevents homelessness by giving young people the skills they need to move into housing and live independently.

SEND support for care leavers, Cornwall

Cornwall was the first area in England to introduce health passports to help care leavers keep their medical history at hand.

Evidence and Impact: Reunification from care

The latest in a series of articles about emerging safeguarding practice looks at how the NSPCC is supporting local authorities to effectively manage the rising number of children in care.

Central Bedfordshire Council

Council used to "spot purchase" supported accommodation for care leavers as and when it was needed.

Flat opens up world of finance

The Money House helps 16- to 25-year-olds embarking on independent living manage their money and remain independent.

Care leavers fulfil work goals

The Drive Forward Foundation helps care leavers fulfil their potential through sustained employment.

How care leavers tap their strengths

Project builds emotional stability and wellbeing in care leavers.

Young Essex researchers sent to Finland on care leaver assignment

Five Essex children in care were trained as researchers to take part in a study comparing the experiences of UK care leavers with those in Finland

Young people choose to reach their potential

Caseworkers support disadvantaged young people to overcome multiple barriers and progress into education, employment and training

Care leaver support in Romania

Romania has a chequered past when it comes to the state looking after children.

How care leavers find employment

Scheme helps care leavers to achieve their full potential.

How older mentors aid care leavers

Project supports care leavers to access education, training or employment and live independently through mentoring by older people.

Break's Moving On service

Moving On is a service for young people aged 16 to 18 to prepare them for leaving residential care and independent living

How charity helps vulnerable young people move to independence

The Future 4 Me project supports young people making the transition from care or custody.



Rolling Out RESuLT: Facilitators' Experiences Delivering a First-of-its-Kind Evidence-based Intervention Training for Residential Workers

This paper looks at the implementation of RESuLT, a vocational training programme for children's homes staff that consists of 10 half-day sessions with additional support for supervisors.

Children's Homes Research: Phase 3 Research Report

This report focuses on the Leadership and Management Standard of the Children's Homes (England) Regulations and Quality Standards 2015.

Ending the Criminalisation of Children in Residential Care - Good Practice in Children's Homes

Over the last two years, Howard League has conducted extensive qualitative research on good practice in the prevention of criminalisation of children in residential care. This report is based on its research findings.

Leaving Care Report

Statistical data and biographical stories record that the life opportunities for young people leaving care has been a cause for major concern for decades. Comparisons between the various placement options are made from the data regarding the final care placement.

Transitioning Care Leavers With Mental Health Needs: 'They Set You Up to Fail!'

This small-scale study aimed to explore these issues by interviewing 12 care leavers with mental health needs.

A critical review of qualitative research into the experiences of young adults leaving foster care services

This paper qualitatively analyses children and young people's narratives (drawn from nine studies) of their experiences of transitions from care to independent living.

Transition from care to college

How the Higher Education Champions mentor support programme has helped looked-after children move successfully to university, and the key factors behind its success.