The cost of living on the frontline

By Joe Lepper |

02 January 2019

Job cuts, pay freezes and the tough financial climate have hit all children's workers hard. Joe Lepper spoke to professionals from different sectors to find out how they manage to make ends meet.

Derren Hayes talks to Emma Thomas, chief executive of charity YoungMinds.

Better support for care leavers

By Mark Riddell |

02 January 2019

Councils must focus more on their corporate parenting role for care leavers in 2019, says DfE expert.

Turning ACE into positive change

By Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green and Dr Jason Pandya-Wood |

02 January 2019

Knowledge of adverse childhood experiences should be used to build children's resilience, say experts.

Inspections Clinic: Supporting pupil attainment

By Jo Stephenson |

02 January 2019

Narrowing the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and better-off peers is a key challenge for leaders across all types of schools and one which Ofsted is keeping a close eye on, reports Jo Stephenson.