Ravi will rant and rove

By Ravi Chandiramani

| 12 February 2009

Hello. I'm Ravi Chandiramani, the editor of Children & Young People Now. Some of you will know me as author of those crisp, incisive commentaries on the burning issues of the week - the magazine's editorial column, written most weeks by me. Others will say "if only - it‘s just mindless drivel, get off your high horse you blithering fool!"

Either way, I've been persuaded (not by readers, mind, but higher interweb forces) to start a blog. Roving Ravi will rant and rove about allsorts. A blog, I'm told gives me licence to be a bit more cheeky and informal than your standard column. I'll give my twopence worth on events in the sector I've attended, what the politicians are claiming and promising, and anything really about children's and youth stuff that enters my little mind.

I might even stray into Media Mum's territory (ouch, she might not like that much) and look at the wider media coverage of our children and young people - there's enough of it about. Please feel free to comment, disagree and agree.

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