Welsh assembly members launch youth work inquiry

By Adam Offord

| 18 August 2016

An inquiry into youth work in Wales has been launched by a group of Welsh assembly members.

The deadline for submissions to the inquiry into youth work in Wales is 9 September. Picture: Christopher Jones

The children, young people and education committee said that the overall aim of the "snapshot inquiry" is to "review the effectiveness of the Welsh government's strategy and policy in respect of youth work". 

In a consultation letter, committee chair Lynne Neagle, said the committee is looking for views on four key areas. 

The first is "young people's access to youth work services" with a view to understanding what levels of provision and regional variations there are, and any issues relating to access for specific groups of young people.

The committee has also called for views on "how effective the government's strategy and policy on youth work is", and views on local authority, Welsh government, European and third sector funding for youth work.

Evidence on "any other issues" considered relevant to the inquiry are also being welcomed such as workforce-related issues; buildings and infrastructure; youth work in schools; the Quality Mark for Youth Work in Wales; and the Welsh government's consultation on proposals to register and inspect some out-of-school education settings. The deadline for submissions is 9 September.

"This inquiry is not seeking evidence on local and national youth participation structures, which the committee regards as an important issue and which will require further consideration within its work programme," Neagle said in a letter.

A separate consultation aimed at gathering the views of young people in Wales has also been launched.

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