Trafford looks to create a youth trust as cuts bite

By Joe Lepper

| 09 February 2015

Trafford Borough Council is seeking to establish a youth trust to run local youth services as it looks to slash £3.2m from its early help provision for children and young people.

Trafford Council is looking to cut £3.2m from its early help budget

As part of its 2015/16 budget proposals the council is considering closing six youth centres and instead focus early help for children and young people in two centres, one for babies to 11 years old, and another for 11- to 18-year-olds.

In addition, the council is looking cut its Connexions careers guidance and education welfare services so that they deliver just “the minimum statutory requirement”.

This slimmed-down council youth service would then fall under the remit of a youth trust, which would involve other youth service providers in the area, including those in the voluntary and community sectors.

According to a statement from Trafford Council, another aim of the trust would be “understanding what provisions are out there and identifying any gaps”.

At a recent consultation event around 300 responses on the plans were handed to the council. This included ensuring young people are involved in the trust’s development and it provides services that meet the needs of all local young people.

John Lamb, Trafford Council’s communities and partnerships lead, said: “Trafford Council is committed to continuing to work with partners to ensure as wide a range as possible of youth activities are provided.

“We hope to work with all interested partners to develop our collective ideas so that we can secure a healthy future for our youth services.”  

Kate Green, MP for Stretford and Urmston, added: “When times are tough, it’s all the more important that we work together to make the most of our resources and expertise.”

Other cuts to young people’s services being considered by the council include reducing its contribution to the local child and adolescent mental health service by £126,000, and to the youth offending service by £130,000.

The budget proposals will be put to the full council on 18 February.

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