Alison O'Sullivan to be ADCS president in 2015

By Neil Puffett

| 02 January 2014

The head of children's services for Kirklees has been announced as the vice president of the Association of Directors of Children's Services for 2014/15.

Alison Sullivan will become vice president of the ADCS in April

Alison O’Sullivan, director of both children’s and adult’s services at Kirklees Council will take up the position in April at the same time as Alan Wood, director of children’s services in Hackney takes over as president from current incumbent Andrew Webb.

In line with the constitution of the ADCS, O’Sullivan, who was elected as vice president by members of the association, will be due to take over as president of the organisation in April 2015.

She told CYP Now that one of her key tasks will be to consult members on policy priorities ahead of the next general election.

“It is really important we influence and shape the direction in the forthcoming national elections,” she said.

“Because we are going to be in a pre-election period pretty soon it is crucial we maintain support across the political spectrum and engage with all political parties across this period.”

She also said she wants to continue strides that have been made in joint-working in recent years.

“We have moved a long way in terms of good collaboration between different agencies at a local and national level – schools and health, bringing people together,” she said.

“I think the changes in view for the health and social care bill, create opportunities for children’s services – joining things better at local level and joint commissioning in particular.”

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