RESOURCES: Just out....A round-up of new resources for youthworkers

| 05 February 2003

The Young Person's Handbook 2003 The subtitle for this guide from the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion (CESI) is helpful: financial support and work-based learning for 16 to 17-year-olds. The UK's youngsters are are not obliged to stay in learning, but neither do they have equal employment rights or full entitlement to benefits. This handbook brings together information on services such as Connexions, details of eligibility for benefits and other forms of financial support.

Price: 10.95

Contact: CESI 020 7582 7221

Fact File 2003

This is a rich source of useful statistics on matters that can form the basis of lessons or session plans. Presented with a variety of charts and graphics, the stats cover issues as diverse as voting figures for extreme right political parties, the cost of the monarchy, readership of daily papers and attitudes to religion.

Price: 29.95 for a subscription (new editions sent on approval). CD-Rom and online versions 14.95 to subscribers

Contact: Carel Press 01228 538928.

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