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| 29 January 2003

The Home Zone concept, called woonerf, was pioneered in the 1970s in the Netherlands. Home Zones are residential streets in which the use of road space is shared between motor vehicles and other road users. The wider needs of residents, including pedestrians, children and cyclists are actively considered and accommodated. They aim to improve the quality of life in residential streets by making them safe places for people.

Home Zones can incorporate areas for children's play and provide environmental improvements and facilities such as seats for elderly residents and parents to meet.

At the moment there is no specific legislation supporting Home Zones in the UK. However, the government has given its support to nine pilot Home Zone schemes across England and Wales and the Scottish Parliament will be initiating three pilots in Scotland. In addition to the pilot schemes there are many other local areas which are setting up and working towards the Home Zone ideals.

For more information and for informative online resources, visit the 'Home Zones and traffic calming' page on

- Extracted from, The NYA's online information toolkit for young people. For more information contact Esther Cameron on 0116 285 3782 or visit the website at

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