DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: Football hero signs for charity appeal

| 22 January 2003

Football legend Bobby Charlton is to head a Radio 4 appeal by drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity Phoenix House.

The charity is looking to implement a project that involves rehabilitated adult ex-alcohol and drug users giving talks to young people at risk of facing the same problems.

Bill Puddicombe, Phoenix House chief executive, said: "A lot of our users who have undergone treatment want to do more, and this is a good way of giving back to the community."

The charity is hoping to raise around 90,000 to hire two area coordinators who will be working on finding speakers and liaising with community workers, youth groups, healthcare trusts and other organisations to target young people at risk.

Wilma Graham, marketing manager for Phoenix House, said: "A lot of ex-users have said they wish someone had spoken to them when they were young to show them how bad it could get." The appeal is to be transmitted on 23 January at 3.27pm.

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