Manifesto from Youth Parliament

| 23 October 2007

The UK Youth Parliament has launched a manifesto outlining the most pressing issues for young people in the UK.

The 32-page manifesto calls for all schools to have measures in place to tackle bullying, with Ofsted monitoring what action has been taken, and for university fees and top-up fees to be reduced or abolished to allow access to free higher education for every young person.

Manpreet Darroch, the youth parliament's West Midlands representative, said: "The fact that each point and statement in the manifesto was voted on by all the members of the UKYP illustrates the importance of this document.

"It not only reflects the views and opinions of a contemporary generation of young people, but also provides us with the tools required to change society for the better - for young people now and in the future."

The manifesto, launched last week, covers seven policy areas: culture media and sport; education and skills; environment and rural affairs; health; international matters; law and society; and transport and employment.


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