Conservative Conference: Pledge to return power to teachers

| 02 October 2007

Power in the classroom would be shifted back to teachers in a crackdown on discipline under a Conservative government, the party has announced.

Speaking at the party's conference in Blackpool, Michael Gove, shadow education minister, said: "Unless there is proper respect, then teachers can't teach."

He promised to ensure head teachers would have the power to exclude pupils who refuse to follow the rules without being questioned. He said: "The balance of power in the classroom will shift back to the teacher and will give teachers the power to restore order."

Gove added that teachers who face false accusations of abuse from pupils should remain anonymous. Addressing other education issues, he said he wanted to bring adventure back into learning, allowing children to "manage risk" and to get away from health and safety regulations.

He said: "We will change the law to shift balance against health and safety bureaucrats."

Gove also said he wanted to stop the closure of special schools.

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