Panels consulted on referral orders

| 06 November 2007

A survey on the success of referral orders has been launched by The Association of Panel Members (AOPM).

First-time young offenders aged between 10 and 17 are referred to a youth offending panel through the orders. Panels are made up of trained volunteers from the community and a member of the youth offending team (YOT).

Sandra Beeton, chair of the AOPM, said that the questionnaire would help take the organisation's work forward. "In discussions about youth justice and referral orders, the people who are constantly excluded are the people who run the panels," she said.

The AOPM has teamed up with the Association of Youth Offending Team Managers to distribute the survey across England and Wales. Responses are due by 21 December.

The work mirrors a consultation being carried out by the Youth Justice Board for YOTs to have their say over referral orders.

The AOPM is a national association that was set up in November 2006 to allow panel members to exchange views on the youth justice sector.


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