Letters: Donor-assisted conception

| 14 August 2007

We fully support the recommendation that children born from donated eggs or sperm should have the nature of their conception indicated on their birth certificates. This issue has been debated by the parliamentary committee scrutinising the draft Human Tissues and Embryos Bill.

This move would encourage openness and mean children are aware of their origins.

We would also like to see the introduction of obligatory information and preparation sessions for prospective parents.

The lessons we have learned from adoption must not be ignored. Research shows it is important for people to have access to information that can help build a fuller sense of their identity and give knowledge about who their genetic parents are, but it also shows most adopted people identified "real" parents as those who loved and cared for them.

This is not about interfering in people's private lives, it is about building stronger families and avoiding problems in the future.

- Julia Feast, policy research and development consultant, British Association for Adoption & Fostering.

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