Child Health: DoH announces national director

| 20 September 2005

The new children's health tsar will be Dr Sheila Shribman, consultant paediatrician and registrar at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

As national director for children at the Department of Health, Shribmanwill lead the reform of children's health services and implementation ofthe year-old children's national service framework.

Shribman, who is also medical director at Northampton General NHS Trust,takes up the three-year position on 1 December this year and replacesProfessor Al Aynsley-Green, who left the post to become the children'scommissioner for England.

A consultant paediatrician with 20 years' experience in acute andcommunity work, Shribman described the post as "hugely challenging butvery exciting".

"There's an awful lot to do to make the framework a reality - it's ahuge agenda so that in itself is a challenge," she told ChildrenNow.

"Sometimes it's difficult for people to see the way forward. Hopefully,I can help people to see the ways they can move on."

Shribman established an integrated model at the trust for children'sservices in the early 1990s, and also worked across children's servicesas a member of her local area child protection committee where sheserved for 18 years.

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