In Depth

Referrals and Child Protection in England: One in Five Children Referred to Children's Services and One in Nineteen Investigated before the Age of Five

This quantitative study focuses on the high proportion of children referred to children's services and the increasing use of statutory interventions.

Early Help: Policy context

Amid rising demand for child protection services over the past decade, early help support for children and families with emerging or less severe problems has been largely left on the political, policy and funding sidelines.

Helping Birmingham Families Early: The 'Signs of Safety and Wellbeing' Practice Framework

The authors discuss the Signs of Safety and Wellbeing framework that has been introduced into Birmingham's early help services. This paper discusses the theoretical basis of Signs of Safety and how and why it is being used in Birmingham.

Engaging on the 'Front Line': Exploring How Family Support Teams Construct Meaning in Their Work With Young Mothers

This paper explores the provision of family support services for young mothers within a Sure Start children's centre.

The Effectiveness of the Incredible Years Pre-school Parenting Programme in the United Kingdom: a Pragmatic Randomised Trial

The authors discuss the findings of an evaluation of the Incredible Years (IY) programme delivered to parents of three and four year olds attending universal early years provision at risk of developing a conduct disorder.