The Bridget Jones effect

Adam Nichols
Sunday, April 19, 2009

David Willets wrote yesterday in The Times about "the Bridget Jones effect", which is fortunately not the lobotomy that appears to have been performed on that ridiculous specimen of the female sex, but the limited pool of young people, particularly men, keen on marriage and children.  I agree with Willets - it's not that young people are becoming massively disenchanted or self-consciously determined to reject marriage, it is simply that it requires money.  Setting up home requires that home to be available and affordable.  It requires a guaranteed income for rent or mortgage.  All these things are in short supply and have been for a while.  And doesn't this trend completely belie the hoary old cliche about "young people rushing out to get married before they are ready" etc.  I think our young people's caution, albeit unromantic, should be applauded.