Only Connect

One of the new members of our team, Laura Baruch, has done a phenomenal job on the Big Challenge, working with the Youth Leadership Team and UnLtd to invite applicants to get their projects considered for a share of the £60,000 fund.  Over the last couple of months, along with our colleagues at Unltd, Laura's hard work has managed to generate over 180 entries, which is a great response. 

If you’d like a look at some of the inspiring entries, they are available at   

So much of what we do relies on really good support networks – people who believe in the important of E M Forster’s “only connect”.  These calls to arms get a better response each time, which proves to me the level of faith people have in young people and the organisations that support them.  Long may it continue. 

And long may people like Laura carry on working for us!