New dragons

Adam Nichols
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Delighted to hear that Peter Jones is funding an academy to train young entrepreneurs.  I can see that this has obvious PR spin-off for him too, and no doubt the fly-on-the-wall documentary idea is already being pitched, but I do think that entrepreneurship and mentoring are part of the future for education.  If someone has reached what they consider to be the end of their natural school life but is fizzing with enthusiasm for a business idea or project, that should be encouraged at every level – we learn by experience after all.  Entrepreneurship helps overcome the fear of failure that hobbles so many young people as the drive to reach the end goal is such that setbacks can be overcome.  Mentoring also allows young people to see that their mentors probably failed disastrously at some stage, but were able to carry on and be successful.      We did some work with NESTA last year on young innovators and I was staggered at the level of commitment and business confidence that the young people demonstrated.