Charlotte Goddard
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So, hello. As it says up there, I'm a mum, and a journalist. (I also happen to be the online editor of this site). I have a particular interest in media portrayal of children and young people, having been involved in what was Young People Now, and is now Children and Young People Now's Positive Images campaign/ awards since it launched back in 2004. If it was up to me it would have been called Fair Copy campaign, which just goes to show why I wasn't the editor and Steve Barrett was. Off the back of that I got to do a few newspaper review slots for BBC London radio (they're desperate  - they have to find two people every night to come in at about 10.30pm and make comments about the next days paper - give them a call, they'll have you, I'm sure).

Since I'm a mum (I have a 15 month old boy) I don't get out much, but what I do do is consume a lot of media. So I shall be using this blog's "media" hat to talk about the coverage of children and young people in the media, and flag up and discuss any TV shows, radio etc that might be interesting to us all. And with the "mum" hat I can talk about everything else.

Please comment, or I won't know anyone is reading. Especially if there's some coverage of children and young people you want to flag up as good, bad or just "upcoming" (unless you are a media company trying to promote your show - I will exercise judgement on how much of that I allow).