Postings from the front line


Career Fluency

24 April 2012

"Career-fluency" is the new buzzword... specifically, the lack of it for most young people. It is not, as I first thought, about the fluency of the progress of one's career, but about your fluency in career networking and etiquette. Things like knowing how to write a CV, knowing how and when to send...


Breaking windows

20 March 2012

"I've been reading about 'broken window' strategies on youth crime. Broken window theory is that one broken window changes the image of an area very quickly - not only does one broken window unheeded attract others, it creates a run down atmosphere and gives a negative perception of an area that far...


Passport to change

29 February 2012

Jetsetting is not normally, sadly, part of my role in Changemakers but last week I was privileged to go to Kenya, to a project we are running in Malindi, on the coast North of Mombasa. Mena, one of my colleagues, is leading an exchange programme; before Christmas we had a group of young Kenyan people...


Choose Life Africa

29 February 2012

During my Kenyan stint I met an organisation in Nairobi called Choose Life Africa ( They have a similar ethos to ours and they are working to try and get young people represented politically in the 47 new counties created after the radical overhaul of their political system....


Live well....

28 February 2012

I had a really interesting dinner with Justin King, Chief Executive of Sainsbury’s, recently. About a dozen of us were invited to supper for a discussion on youth issues. Sainsbury’s record in youth employment is impressive: they have set up an internal youth structure and a third of their employees...


Down to The Wire

15 February 2012

Bill Bratton, a US police offer who has successfully introduced zero tolerance policing to New York and Los Angeles, has been working with David Cameron on gang violence, and described the UK's gang problem as "laughable" which outraged the anti-gun lobby and senior MPs. His comments were taken out...


Brilliant Barbara

16 January 2012

Fabulous to see changemakers Barbara Soetan in Elle magazine's 'Ones to Watch' feature, listed as someone "all politicians should have on their speed dial". We agree.

Well, 2011 was a bit of a radical year for young people - villified as the principal protagonists in the riots and seen as victims in recessionary cuts. Let's hope good things emerge that make 2012 a more positive and calm place to be. And on the positive theme, we have moved (again) to lovely new...

Recession seems to be producing a slew of inspiring articles on what it means for a child to grow up in poverty. Caitlin Moran's piece in the Times was excellent on how poverty deprives young people of choice. Your life is never going to be any different...there's no break on the horizon. It's unremitting....


Fresh Thinking Needed

29 November 2011

We’re rushed off our feet with the launch of our new Fresh Thinking Needed campaign that comes as a result of the research we commissioned into youth leadership. We interviewed 1000 members of the general public and a further 849 interviews were undertaken with those aged 16 to 30 in order to understand...