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Is new youth legislation needed?

The IYW plans to get youth work on to a "statutory footing" to create a more "equitable" relationship with the government, but is that necessary when legislation already requires councils to secure provision?

Exploring Peer Mentoring as a Form of Innovative Practice with Young People at Risk of Child Sexual Exploitation

Little is known about the use of peer-led approaches as a response to child sexual exploitation (CSE). This small qualitative study aimed to gain an insight into young people's views and experiences of peer mentoring.

The benefits of mutual status

Expert on the mutuals programme advises on how youth services can gain independence from councils.

How councils are working with NCS to boost prospects for young people

The Department for Education's "Opportunity Areas" - 12 places in the UK in need of extra support and funding to help boost social mobility for its citizens - were launched in 2016.

Making volunteering a habit

Research has identified the key factors that influence long-term social action among young people.