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Youth work activity packs

Youth work sessions: Defining Positive Relationships

By Vanessa Rogers |

01 March 2016

These activities will help young people to explore their personal relationships.

Youth work sessions: Preparing for independent living

By Vanessa Rogers |

01 December 2015

This session plan contains a range of activities that encourage young people to reflect on what makes home a special place and the importance of this when looking to move out and create a new one. It also explores the emotional aspects of living independently and enables young people to identify positive sources of support.

Youth work sessions: Coping with change

By Vanessa Rogers |

01 November 2015

These resources encourage young people to identify sources of change, understand how it can affect individuals and develop coping mechanisms to manage it better.

These resources work from the notion that not everyone is simply male or female.

Youth work sessions: Co-production

By Vanessa Rogers |

01 September 2015

These resources are an introduction to the principles of co-production for young people, where things are done "with" young people, not "for" them, aiming to utilise their knowledge, skills and expertise as service users in an equal partnership with professionals.

Youth work sessions: E-safety activities

By Vanessa Rogers |

01 August 2015

These activities will help young people to recognise the potential risks as well as the benefits of making friends and communicating online.

These activities will help to encourage young people to understand the value of money from different points of view and to demonstrate how we take it for granted in our everyday lives.

Youth work sessions: Weight and wellbeing

By Vanessa Rogers |

01 June 2015

These activities will help young people to examine issues around being under or overweight, what factors can influence a person's weight and how it can affect their emotional wellbeing.

Youth work sessions: Tackling body anxieties

By Vanessa Rogers |

01 May 2015

These activities will help young people to look at problems they have with their body image anxieties and will encourage them to boost their self-respect, confidence and self-worth.