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Creating a country that works for all children

By Anna Feuchtwang |

11 April 2017

When Theresa May became Prime Minister she promised that the UK would be a "country that works for everyone". It's a wonderful and bold aspiration.

As she stood on the steps of Number 10, the Prime Minister promised to address the huge issues of inequality in our country.

I grew up in Otley, in West Yorkshire, and there's no doubt that my childhood experiences in that small market town influenced the choices I made later in life.

Looking around at my friends and colleagues, I see a group of people stunned and unsettled by recent political events.

In her very first speech, the new Prime Minister introduced a new tagline: "families who are just about managing".

Earlier this month, research emerged about how girls and boys differed in their response to stress and trauma.

Cuts are doing what Section 28 couldn't to LGBT services

By Michael Bracey |

27 September 2016

I can imagine that for a lot of people, being gay in 2016 is no big deal. Many of the legal battles have been won and social attitudes have certainly changed. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are more visible and they are now accepted for who they are. Right? Well, to an extent.

The new Prime Minister has offered some promising words on tackling disadvantage, and work is currently progressing on the government's Life Chances strategy.

After the political turbulence of the last month, it is a relief to move into a quieter summer.