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Education system set up to 'manage out' pupils in need

By Derren Hayes |

14 February 2017

From September, the education services grant (ESG), used by councils to fund school-based additional learning support for disadvantaged groups of pupils, will be scrapped.

If you were hoping that the new year would see in some new funding for the children's sector, then maybe you should look away now.

Rarely has the effect of a change in policy and practice been so evident as that seen in the youth justice system over recent years.

Forensically inquisitive - that is how the Department for Education aptly describes the vigilance to risk required of social workers in Putting Children First, its vision for children's social care.

Another day and another council announces that yet more children's centres are to close.

In early 2014, the tri-borough councils in London became one of the first areas to benefit from the Department for Education's £100m, two-year Children's Social Care Innovation Fund.

One of the more effective school improvement strategies of the last five years has been the threat of forced academisation.

One of the problems of democracy is that leaders have views on many issues, and citizens don't always agree with all of the policies of "their" party or their government. So, I find myself supporting the principle of the new national funding formula for schools while deeply opposing the academisation programme.