As she stood on the steps of Number 10, the Prime Minister promised to address the huge issues of inequality in our country.

Be bold and make youth custody education-focused

By Howard Williamson |

14 March 2017

Justice Secretary Liz Truss has, in recent weeks, made a sweeping range of decisions in relation to the prison system.

I grew up in Otley, in West Yorkshire, and there's no doubt that my childhood experiences in that small market town influenced the choices I made later in life.

Working in silos exacerbates child health inequalities

By John Freeman |

28 February 2017

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health's State of Child Health report, covered in CYP Now on 31 January, will, I believe, be seen as the most important report of 2017.

Young people draft plan for navigating post-truth world

By Howard Williamson |

14 February 2017

Education system set up to 'manage out' pupils in need

By Derren Hayes |

14 February 2017

From September, the education services grant (ESG), used by councils to fund school-based additional learning support for disadvantaged groups of pupils, will be scrapped.

Salutary tales from public service markets have been escalating in number and seriousness lately.

Looking around at my friends and colleagues, I see a group of people stunned and unsettled by recent political events.