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Analysis projects rise in 'homeless' families

By Nina Jacobs |

11 August 2017

There are 50,000 children living in 'homeless' households, with numbers projected to rise by a quarter over the next decade unless the government tackles the problem, analysis reveals.

The government has pledged to engage with youth groups and said that their voice will be heard in its negotiations on the UK leaving the European Union.

The current state of youth custody is so dangerous that tragedy is "inevitable" unless urgent action is taken, the chief inspector of prisons has warned.

The children's commissioner for England has called on EU negotiators to take a more constructive approach to the residency status of hundreds of thousands of children born to EU nationals but living in England, and the thousands of UK-born children living in other EU countries.

The government does not know how many children are vulnerable and agencies cannot agree on how to define and identify them, children's commissioner for England Anne Longfield has warned.

Concerns have been raised about the welfare of tens of thousands of children and young people whose legal right to remain in the UK is uncertain.

A secure training centre in Kent that was taken over by the government after allegations of abuse emerged has been rated "inadequate" by inspectors for the second time in less than a year.

The number of children living in households where no parent has a job has fallen by 90,000, government statistics show.

The number of households subject to the benefit cap has more than trebled in just four months, prompting campaigners to raise concerns about more children ending up in poverty.

Judges should avoid taking part in official probes into child deaths in order to maintain the independence of the judiciary, England's most senior family court judge has said.