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YJB staff transfer process to begin next month

By Neil Puffett |

17 August 2017

The size of the Youth Justice Board is set to shrink further with staff due to transfer to a new youth custody body next month, it has been confirmed.

Levels of violence against staff and young people at a secure training centre (STC) have more than doubled in the past year, a joint inspection has found.

Child arrest figures fall to new low

By Neil Puffett |

07 August 2017

The number of arrests of children in England and Wales have fallen to a new low - with a drop of 13.9 per cent in the space of a year.

A suitable hospital placement must be found for a suicidal girl currently being held in youth custody, or the country will have "blood on its hands", England's most senior family court judge has said.

Youth Justice Board confirms death in custody

By Tristan Donovan |

25 July 2017

The Youth Justice Board (YJB) has confirmed that a child died in custody earlier this year, the first death of an under-18 in the youth secure estate since 2015.

The current state of youth custody is so dangerous that tragedy is "inevitable" unless urgent action is taken, the chief inspector of prisons has warned.

Inspectors praise impact of youth work in custody

By Tristan Donovan |

17 July 2017

Youth work programmes helped to address problems with violence among boys at a young offender institution (YOI), inspectors have found.

The number of young people being held in custody has hit the highest level in 18 months, government statistics show.

Following last month's government reshuffle, ministerial responsibilities relating to the children and young people's sector have been finalised.

A children's rights charity has warned about the use of controversial spit hoods on children, claiming that the practice has resulted in deaths.