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Health visitors and school nurses have called on all political parties to commit to ring-fencing public health budgets, ahead of June's general election.

Ofsted praises domestic abuse response in Bradford

By Neil Puffett |

21 April 2017

Social care, justice and health professionals across Bradford have been praised by inspectors for their efforts in responding to child protection issues in domestic abuse situations.

Planned trials to assess the mental health of children entering the care system have been delayed, the Department for Education has confirmed.

Thousands of children seeking help for 'loneliness'

By Gabriella Jozwiak |

13 April 2017

More than 4,000 children contacted the Childline telephone support service for help after suffering loneliness last year because they were feeling isolated and "lonely".

Health visitor checks: Public Health England to monitor councils on delivery

By Neil Puffett and Gabriella Jozwiak |

13 April 2017

The government quango responsible for public health has pledged to ensure that local authorities fulfil their duty to provide health visitor checks for young children, in the wake of a government decision to maintain their mandatory status.

A group consultation exercise is due to launch shortly ahead of a number of redundancies within Birmingham City Council's early years services, it has emerged.

Councils need to bolster their role in shaping local education to ensure schools are supporting their areas' most vulnerable children, new Association of Directors of Children's Services president Alison Michalska has said.

The bank accounts of a children's charity that reportedly received a donation of £2m from One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson have been frozen, with a probe launched into its governance, the Charity Commission has said.

There is little evidence that peer support in schools has a positive impact on the mental health of young people taking part, a study commissioned by the Department for Education has found.

A quarter of people receiving support through the government's flagship Troubled Families programme have said they were "dissatisfied" with how easy it was to access support.