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Meeting of charity leaders to discuss the impact of Brexit on vulnerable children and families warns that the UK leaving the European Union could put children's rights, safeguarding and economic welfare at risk.

How to deliver better EHC plans

By Derren Hayes |

14 February 2017

Council for Disabled Children guidance for local authorities on producing education, health and care plans for SEND children.

How schools fail disadvantaged children

By Philip Nye |

14 February 2017

Study concludes some schools 'manage out' poorer pupils to boost exam league table results, with dire consequences for attainment.

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health report highlights data showing children and young people from poorer backgrounds do worse across a range of health outcomes. Experts blame cuts to public health and welfare support.

When the UK committed to home refugee children amid the closure of the Calais migrant camp, organisations like Catch22 were asked to help handle reception arrangements. Chris Wright explains the work it did in Devon.

Derren Hayes talks to Jo Cleary, chair of 4Children.

Jess Brown meets Carolyne Willow, director of Article 39.

A charity has devised a blueprint for improved access to good quality play provision for disabled children under five through more national funding, investing in childcare providers' facilities, making play a statutory service and enforcing equalities law.

Derren Hayes meets Roy Perry, chair of the LGA children and young people board.

The implications of the Spending Review on services for children

By Jess Brown, Adam Offord and Derren Hayes |

08 December 2015

Measures announced in the Chancellor's Spending Review will result in core funding for councils falling 24 per cent in real terms over the next four years. How will this affect children, young people and their families?