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New youth work income streams

By Rosemary Watt-Wyness |

14 February 2017

With council funding falling, charities must develop fresh ways of boosting revenue, says London Youth.

Guide to the Life Chances Fund

By Jonathan Flory |

31 January 2017

Advice on how to bid for slice of £80m of social finance to fund projects tackling youth unemployment.

How to bid for Tampon Tax Fund

By Adam Offord |

03 January 2017

Charities supporting women and girls can now get a share of £15m fund derived from tax on sanitary products.

Tackling discrimination in schools

By Adam Offord |

06 December 2016

Councils should insist schools record and report incidents of racism and religious hatred, youth leaders say.

More than £40m will be available to youth groups through the #IWill Fund to boost opportunities. Step Up To Serve chief Charlotte Hill explains when it will be distributed, what projects it will support and how to make bids.

Assessing character development

By Adam Offord |

25 October 2016

Leaders question report findings that young people's feedback is best way to assess character education progress.

Guide to Youth Investment Fund

By Adam Offord |

27 September 2016

Voluntary sector organisations in deprived areas can bid for a share of a new £40m fund for youth projects.

How to ensure youth work thrives

By Bethia McNeil |

30 August 2016

Youth work must emphasise its role in early help and communities to prosper in the future, says Bethia McNeil.

Alterations to ministerial briefs at the Department for Education suggest some shifts in policy priorities.

Plan to raise youth work status

By Adam Offord |

15 August 2016

The Institute for Youth Work sets out priorities for how the sector can increase its influence and recognition