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Responding to Grenfell disaster

By Brendan O'Keefe |

26 July 2017

The community response to the Grenfell Tower disaster demonstrates the value of local organisations

In the wake of the London and Manchester terror attacks, experts are calling on the government to involve young people and community groups in creating effective ways to address marginalisation and extremist views.

The loss of its overall majority has been politically costly for the government, but it has also caused policy upheaval and ministerial changes affecting children's services. Sector leaders consider the implications.

NCS Act shifts scheme up a gear

By Derren Hayes |

31 May 2017

Royal Charter puts the youth initiative on a statutory footing, increasing scrutiny and expectations.

Evolution of youth work courses

By Derren Hayes |

04 May 2017

Amid closures of some youth work degrees, universities are adapting how they train future practitioners

Following Prime Minister Theresa May's election call, children's leaders are drawing up key policies. They say issues like school funding, free childcare and recruiting health visitors must not be drowned out by Brexit.

Safeguarding against sexting

By Neil Puffett |

11 April 2017

How youth workers can help educate young people about the risks of sharing explicit images.

Sharing risk in youth work

By Brendan O’Keefe |

14 March 2017

Youth mutual boss identifies four principles for providers and commissioners to deliver effective services.

Derren Hayes talks to Helen Marshall, chief executive of youth health charity Brook.

Boosting participation in NCS

By Derren Hayes |

28 February 2017

Youth social action scheme must engage more disadvantaged young people to hit growth targets.