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Five steps to good resettlement

By Pippa Goodfellow |

04 May 2017

Analysis of voluntary sector projects shows successful approaches to helping young people leave custody.

Tackling offender mental health

By Neil Puffett |

11 April 2017

A Mac-UK scheme could point the way for supporting young offenders with mental health problems.

The government is to strip the Youth Justice Board of most of its youth custody duties. Former chief John Drew says while there is merit to the plan, it raises concerns over resettlement work and ensuring a child focus.

Childhood trauma and offending

By Pippa Goodfellow |

17 January 2017

How improving awareness of childhood trauma can help practitioners rehabilitate young offenders

Charlie Taylor's review calls for the creation of a system that better meets children's welfare and education needs. Experts analyse the merits of the recommendations and the initial government response to them.

Links between SEND and offending

By Professor Hannah Smithson and Professor Katherine Runswick-Cole |

22 November 2016

High numbers of children with SEND enter the youth justice system because of inadequate support.

Case for youth custody reform

By Adam Offord |

11 October 2016

The National Association for Youth Justice says new report reinforces its call to abolish YOIs and STCs.

Tackling race 'bias' in youth justice

By Derren Hayes |

13 September 2016

A "bias" that affects ethnic minority young people can only be addressed with better training, say experts.

Alterations to ministerial briefs at the Department for Education suggest some shifts in policy priorities.

Police rethink early help role

By Jess Brown |

02 August 2016

A new early intervention charter is helping police forces identify and support families in need sooner.