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Understanding impact of abuse and reviewing care placement options

By Dr Susannah Bowyer and Julie Wilkinson |

11 April 2017

Review assesses the evidence on the impact of abuse on children and considers the merits of care placement options. The authors summarise the findings, while three organisations outline initiatives to improve decision making.

Meeting of charity leaders to discuss the impact of Brexit on vulnerable children and families warns that the UK leaving the European Union could put children's rights, safeguarding and economic welfare at risk.

Safeguarding against sexting

By Neil Puffett |

11 April 2017

How youth workers can help educate young people about the risks of sharing explicit images.

Children in care attainment tool

By Derren Hayes |

11 April 2017

How a resource analysing education progress for looked-after children could "revolutionise" support.

Are schools funding plans fair?

By Ivan Ould and Anne Heavey |

28 March 2017

Government proposals to revise the formula used to decide school funding is meant to move money to more deprived areas, but critics say changes place too much emphasis on pupils with additional needs.

Review finds councils unable to keep up with rising demand, with resources focused on crisis interventions at the expense of early help. No Good Options calls for action to tackle postcode lottery of services and children's outcomes.

Concerns over family court deal

By Derren Hayes |

28 March 2017

Children's advocates claim agreement could see Cafcass and social workers "collude" in care cases.

Transition from care to college

By Louise Gazeley and Tamsin Hinton-Smith |

14 March 2017

How the Higher Education Champions mentor support programme has helped looked-after children move successfully to university, and the key factors behind its success.

Social work employment trends

By Derren Hayes |

28 February 2017

ADCS's Rachael Wardell responds to five key developments in the children's social work workforce.

Relationships in the early years

By Kirsten Asmussen |

28 February 2017

Advice on commissioning evidence-based parenting interventions for the early years, from the Early Intervention Foundation.