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Ideas to make EYPP close the gap

By Sue Asquith |

14 February 2017

The early years pupil premium aims to boost learning of disadvantaged three- and four-year-olds.

Assessments of primary children

By Jess Brown |

06 December 2016

Professionals outline what they want from the government's consultation on assessing pupils in reception.

Childcare progress recognised

By Gill Jones |

06 December 2016

Ofsted report highlights providers' strides in improving early education for disadvantaged children.

Preparing for 30-hour childcare

By James Hempsall |

22 November 2016

Following the government response to the consultation, issues remain over how the policy will work.

Battle to save nursery schools

By Jess Brown |

08 November 2016

Parliamentary group calls for government action to maintain nursery schools' funding and existence.

Is there a future for family hubs?

By Jess Brown |

25 October 2016

Children's commissioner says councils should follow the Isle of Wight and turn children's centres into hubs.

In-depth research has found no link between the Troubled Families programme and improved outcomes for participants, but children's services leaders claim the government's flagship initiative still has merits.

Annual workforce survey of early years leaders shows higher staff turnover and falling qualification levels as a result of new GCSE requirements, leading to concerns there will be too few practitioners to deliver 30-hour offer.

The party's new childcare taskforce must develop a future vision for children's centres and make the free entitlement sustainable, while securing a strong funding commitment from the government, say experts

Providers warn over 30-hour costs

By Jess Brown |

27 September 2016

Early years groups raise concerns over government proposals to reform funding of free childcare.