Young people give their views on riots

By Charlotte Goddard

| 12 August 2011

Just finished watching Young Voters Question Time on BBC 3 - sadly it's not on iPlayer but it's repeated on Saturday at quarter past midnight if for some reason you are reading this over the weekend, which I very much doubt. The panel included Labour MP Stella Creasy and ex-Young People Now columnist and Big Society ambassador Shaun Bailey, the audience included a lot of very passionate and articulate young people with strong views. A lot of shoutiness but also a lot of interesting points.

In a week when the portrayal of young people in the media has taken a massive step backwards (and even CYP Now was calling the riots "youth riots" which I would take issue with) this programme was a brilliant opportunity to see young people as a  diverse, opinionated, generally respectful of each others right to be heard even if there was a lot of shouting, group. Anyone else see it? What do you think? Should Young Voters Question Time be on every week?

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