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Assessment practice makes strides to provide support where needed

An Ofsted thematic review into the quality of children in need assessments finds practitioners are getting better at communication with families, using evidence-based models and recognising specific risk factors.


Youth minister calls for innovation over the 'easy option' of cuts

Minister for civil society Rob Wilson tells CYP Now that local authorities are "set in their ways" and have been too quick to cut youth provision instead of developing the evidence base to support service investment.


Children's centres face uncertain future amid cuts and closures

Sure Start children's centres are at a crossroads. With funding cuts forcing many councils to close or downgrade provision and a government review about to be launched, experts set out what the future holds.


Gove set on major youth justice reform

Youth justice leaders outline the changes Justice Secretary Michael Gove is considering for the future.


Youth work summer schemes: making the most of summer

Ten top tips for delivering effective youth work schemes during the summer months.