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Children's Workforce Guide to Qualifications and Training

As major political and policy changes continue to impact on the children and young people's workforce, Charlotte Goddard takes a comprehensive look at the qualification requirements and training available.

Leading the fight on FGM: Celia Jeffreys, head of the National FGM Centre

Jess Brown talks to Celia Jeffreys, head of the National FGM Centre.

Do grammars aid social mobility?

The Prime Minister wants to allow more schools to select pupils according to ability at the age of 11.

Sharing the asylum responsibility

Kent council warns scheme to disperse unaccompanied asylum-seeking children more evenly is not working.

The role of information sharing in improving child protection

Audit of cases where children have been harmed highlights problems with sharing of information between safeguarding agencies and professionals, and examples of some areas that are overcoming these.