In Depth


Councils prepare for integrated education and health reviews

Bringing together the health and early development reviews for two-year-olds could smooth the assessment process for parents, but experts fear a lack of resources and services will result in little impact on children's outcomes.


The accidental minister

Laura McCardle meets Rob Wilson, minister for civil society.


Protection system 'fails adolescents'

Experts say councils must ensure local child protection procedures meet the needs of older children.


Legal Update: Tackling child sexual exploitation

Jen Roest, research and projects officer at Coram Children's Legal Centre, examines a call to address child sexual exploitation in Manchester through attitudinal change of public agencies and the legal system.


Local authorities devise plans to beat child sexual exploitation

Despite recent reports criticising child protection agencies for failings over their handling of sexual exploitation, some local authorities are taking the lead on awareness-raising to tackle the problem and identify those at risk.





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