In Depth

Special Report: Residential Child Care

Lauded for the essential role it plays in the lives of vulnerable young people, the residential child care sector faces increasing financial challenges if it is to continue to deliver quality therapeutic provision.

Penalty of a summer birthday

Research shows summer-born children do less well academically throughout school, impacting on their life chances. Charlotte Goddard looks at how professionals and policymakers are tackling the problem.

How youth work can play a pivotal role in combating radicalisation

In the wake of the London and Manchester terror attacks, experts are calling on the government to involve young people and community groups in creating effective ways to address marginalisation and extremist views.

Equipping public service directors with the right skills for the future

Amid concerns over the quality of leadership in some struggling children's services departments, experts fear a fall in the number of new directors could indicate a problem in the production line of future leaders coming forward.

Local Spotlight: Kent County Council

How Kent has managed to improve social care services while coping with an unprecedented influx of asylum-seeking children.